Doug Jamha
Lee Bale on Jamha’s figurative work for  Galleries West Magazine
The Figurative paintings of Edmonton artist, Doug Jamha, are ultimately about contrasts. Chiaroscuro, stark contrasting line and strong value opposition punctuate his portraits of women, creating a heightened visual tension that nods to an emotional tension between the female subject and the viewer’s male gaze. Jamha describes his work as, “painting the relationship between me (the artist)  and the model” and confesses that artwork is born from obsession and his is the relationship between men and women. “We are in a time where (society) is intently exploring another metamorphosis of what it means to have two sexes.”
Tactile elegance, veiled monochromatic washes of ochre, umber and grayed hues and a vigorous charcoal line characterize these acrylic paintings on masonite. The female nudes are life size and tightly cropped or compressed within the frame creating lyrical arabesques across the picture. The postures are often strained and distorted revealing a slight sense of discomfort in the model, both physical and emotional. Women are portrayed alternately as strong, vulnerable, slightly shy, awkward and yet unabashedly unique and beautiful. When asked to describe his work Jamha alludes to being deeply moved by how men and women deal with the constant struggle inherent in life, sexuality and death. He says, “Our beliefs, dreams, memories and myths leave their marks on our bodies. My paintings are my response – as human, male, Canadian and artist – to these marks”.
- Lee Bale, December 13, 2003.
1989 – University of Alberta, Master of Visual Arts degree in painting
1987 – University of Alberta, Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in visual arts
Annually from 1988 through 2004: one person shows
2002: two person show with photographer Jill Wataminiuk
1992, 1999: collaborations with Michael Burns
1990: Edmonton 90 (group show)
1987: Dart for Art (group show)
1987: Six New Artists (group show)
2003-ONGOING – Front Gallery, Edmonton
1998-2010 – Kensington Fine Art Gallery, Calgary
1993-1995 – Gallerie Woltjen, Edmonton