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Augmented reality is the process of overlaying essential information, animations, or 3D graphics into a real world environment. This content can be purely experiential, or interactive. Augmented reality is currently experienced by using devices such as smart phones, tablets, and head set displays.

AR allows you to deliver experiences that are not physically possible in the real world. This is emerging technology and it is rapidly advancing. Hardware manufacturers are in a race to develop new hardware display devices, however there is very little content out there to use the devices that are set to hit the market in 2022.

The Front Gallery represents professional artists with a very diverse talent pool - graphic design, I.T. professionals, sound technicians, filmmakers, painters and sculptors - who are eager to develop a  product without compromising their creative license.  Please see the example below.


Jeff Sylvester's solo show 'Sum of its Parts" which was on display at The Front Gallery in April 2019, featured murmurations of birds soaring in unison in each piece. Given that Edmonton has held the world's record for Bohemian Waxwing sightings (Bovey, 1990), we as Edmontonians are familiar with the impressive sight of these handsome birds flocking to Mountain Ash trees for berries. Murmurations work as a metaphor for community, the strength of a group as opposed to the individual and also the beauty of play. The joyful movement of these flocks is a welcome sight, both in depths of winter and the first glimpse of spring.

Bringing art and technology together in this project builds upon two of Edmonton's industries that are growing. We are pleased to support 'AR experience' installations with our artists in the pursuit of creating exciting new content for this emerging technology.

Be sure to come out to Jeff Sylvester's upcoming exhibition 'Between Land and Sky', opening May 14th, 2020 at The Front Gallery.

Bovey R., 1990. Birds of Edmonton, Revised Edition, Lone Pine Publishing, 128pp.
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