"Inspiration is derived from my increasing affection for occupied spaces and how we are physically closed to each other, whether we are seperated by walls or by fence, we are also connected, by cable, physical and wireless; cellphones and social media. These communication tendrils grow from the rooftops and towers, and linger on the horizon"

In most cases, I’m using this wireless technology to search out the subjects for the work. Whether I’m shooting an apartment building with my iPhone, or using Google Earth the find a bird’s eye view of a neighbourhood (usually McCauley, Norwood or Holyrood).
The painting process involves a lot of resin, little paint and a wood base. The paint plays a crucial role, in that it is the colour and texture to the image, but it’s the resin that brings it to life, allowing the pieces to change and alter as the light changes throughout the day. It even changes when viewed from different angles, giving it an illusion of subtle motion. Layering the paint between thick coats of resin basically suspends the image between two transparent blankets. What separates the colour is masked by frisket (a type of masking tape usually used for airbrushing vans), when pealed off, allow the wood grained base to show through and define the image. This is the last step, so I’m never totally sure how the piece looks until the tape comes off, making for a nerve-racking finale.