“If you want to find the secrets on the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” – Nicola Tesla

2017-2018 has been a breakthrough period for me on a personal and professional level. As I was going through emotional healing and transformation I received a grant from the Edmonton Arts Council, which supported the creation of this new series of paintings. This work advances my interest in reflecting on some of life’s biggest mysteries: the mother-child connection (Inconceivable Weaving), the fragility and strength of the human heart (Opening), our ability to rise after “trauma” and to reconstruct/rebuild oneself (God Particle), to find a new balance in one’s life (Pendulum), manifesting new hope and freedom (Expansion), and the beautiful potential of intimate exchange (His/Hers).

Visually and conceptually, the main objective for this series was to find a new voice, which would allow me to merge my artistic identity as a Ukrainian soul, with contemporary aesthetics. My cultural code is a mix of iconography, Ukrainian folk ballads, formal European art school training and a modern painting practice. I aim to establish a harmonic balance between the abstract nature in my paintings with a storytelling and narrative component. The use of colour as a symbol or as a visual guide that delivers a certain message is one of the key elements that describes my “new voice”. The juxtaposition between three-dimensional painting techniques and flat (decorative) and graphical shapes allows me to tell a story in an indirect manner. I strive to create a dialogue with the viewer to stimulate their imagination to enter the subject matter where they can process and formulate their own unique story about the work.