Kari Duke has been documenting the beautiful inconsistencies that are found in the alleys near her home in Edmonton for the past twenty years. Mother Nature and development have had their way in these older neighborhoods, but the heaves of time have not limited Kari's ability to beautifully express the nostalgia and warmth that she has found in her community.

​In his quiet canvases, Tom Gale has made a study of the interaction between man and nature. Tom has been well established in Edmonton's art scene for over forty years. He is able to identify the vividness and strength of nature right here in Edmonton's river valley by imposing his bits of value and originality to what will be seen to most as a decorative painting. Yet, the organic forms of the trees and earth in Gale's paintings take on a mystic quality that is subtle but entirely moving.
​​New work by gallery artists Robert Lemay, Jeff Sylvester, Michelle Neumann, Steve Coffey, Tom Gale, Kari Duke, Paddy Lamb, and Krista Hamilton.
By opposing the imitation of reality while creating a new reality in its own right, artists offer new possibilities of vision by changing the way in which things are seen and known. The work in this exhibition invites the viewer to explore the trends and movements in art that are diverging and converging, crossing and overlapping, dismissing the notion that progress occurs only within paradigms and not between them. Featuring work by Antoni Tapies, Edward Burtynsky, Peter Blake, Angele Karosi, Oksana Movchan, Kari Duke, Sandro Chia, Craig Le Blanc, David Bolduc, Dave Thomas, David Hockney, Andrew Salgado, Tony Scherman, Jeff Sylvester, and Cynthia Fuhrer.
aAron Munson is a Canadian filmmaker, cinematographer and multimedia artist. His work has taken him from his personal studio to war zones, high-Arctic weather stations, reindeer nomad camps in Siberia, and the Arabian Desert. aAron's projects tackle extreme human experiences, both far from and close to home, utilizing film, video, photography and sound to create visual explorations relating to mental illness, memory, and the nature of consciousness.

When aAron was five his family moved from Inuvik to Edmonton, Alberta, the day an F4 tornado hit the city, forcing them to flee from their new home near its path. The experience left him in awe of the natural world, and concerned for its direction, and humanity’s.

aAron believes that the path to a sustainable and healthy future lies in our ability to change minds through shifts in perspective that connect us. Through multimedia explorations of extreme environments, mental illness, memory and the conscious mind, aAron aims to encourage mindfulness and play a role in constructing that path.

APRIL 2019
​​The common element in this body of work, whether subtly placed or entirely featured on their own. are the groupings of birds. They make their way across the sky as one cohesive unit, morphing into seemingly choreographed shapes and patterns. These murmurations symbolize our sense of community and the ability to become more than our own individual sums; to work and transform as a group.
​aAron Munson, recipient of the 2019 Eldon and Anne Foote award, is a Canadian filmmaker, cinematographer and multimedia artist. His work has taken him from his personal studio to war zones, high-Artic weather stations, reindeer nomad camps in Siberia, and the Arabian Desert. aAron’s projects tackle extreme human experiences, both far from and close to home, utilizing film, video, photography and sound to create visual explorations relating to mental illness, memory, and the conscious mind.

Being conscious only of filtered forms in the noise, the observations captured through these photographs are a reminder of the noise that is all form. In life, as in these images, perception changes through proximity to a situation, and normalized reality is challenged when confronted with an unfamiliar perspective. Are the emotional states we experience simply interactions within our brains making sense of a world that is complex beyond our ability to perceive it? To imagine a future that connects us to each other and to the universe, might we look beyond the familiar forms that we project onto each other that divide and isolate us?

This exhibition demonstrated how a shift in perspective can create a vantage point beyond the familiar. Created through the actions of carbon ink, the imagery is a reminder of the incredible nature of things that we are woven into and have evolved from.

​​"Order is a necessary condition for anything the human mind is to understand."
- Rudolf Arnheim

‘Our Many Paths’ is a group exhibition featuring The Front Gallery artists, and also a collaboration with all of the galleries on 124th street.

A curator usually weaves a story, built upon the many stories that the artists have provided. This spatial layout is based on shapes, colors, subject matter, and are all symbolic of the interaction of meaningful entities, and our inbred need to produce an orderly arrangement.

This exhibition, curated by Rachel Bouchard and Edmund Haakonson, challenges the concept above allowing entropy to reign, with the hope that the viewer will consider each artist’s story/path, examine the whole and it’s parts, and bring their own meaning and order to make the spatial layout functional.

Vesna Makale is  a practitioner of "modernism", a product of an avant-garde that maintained the standards set by the great art of the past. Accomplished by aligning itself with the conditions of its medium: to assemblage, rather than modelling or carving in sculpture. This led to abstraction.

Vesna's work tends to be compact, massive, and monolithic, sharing some common interest with fellow sculptors who reinforced the development of assembled sculpture in Edmonton. These artists turned Edmonton into an international centre with a  regional style that differed from the dominant Smith and Caro traditions which was more open, linear work.
​​A group exhibition featuring the work of Blake Ward, RFM McInnis, Robert Lemay, Andrew Salgado, Tony Scherman, Tom Gale, and Kari Duke.

The timelessness of medium and subject matter prevails in this beautiful exhibition featuring bronze and marble sculpture, as well as encaustic and oil paintings.
​​A group exhibition featuring new work by gallery artists, and featuring the work of Andrew Salgado.

Andrew Salgado (b. 1982, Regina, Canada) lives and works in London, England. He graduated with an MA in fine art from Chelsea College of Art and Design in 2009, and has since had 13 sold out solo exhibitions held all over the world, and is widely regarded as one of the UK's leading young figurative painters. In 2017, Salgado was the youngest artist to ever receive a survey exhibition at the Canadian High Commission in London, accompanied by a 300-page monograph, both of which were entitled TEN.
“What's most clear in Harry’s work is his a reverence for the natural world, and a desire to conserve it and those who live within it. He blends fine art and curiosity to empower reflection and change”- Directed Art Modern

Harry Skeggs is a  multiple award winning photographer living in London, with a passion for all forms of wildlife, the cornerstone of his photographic style. He has been privileged to travel extensively, to over 80 countries across 6 continents, which has sparked both travel and culture as strong sub-themes in his  work.

He is  an adventurer at heart, which he seeks to pour into his  photography. From close ups of wild cats, to swimming amongst tiger sharks, he is always excited by new prospects to experience our wild earth and the photographic opportunities they offer to the bold.

Harry is committed to capturing the beauty of our natural the world as it should be – wild and free. The animals in his work are untrained, unharrassed and unbaited. 

Harry's  work has been featured by some of the largest names in the travel and wildlife industry, as well as receiving a number of global awards and nominations. 

​​A solo exhibition featuring artist Ira Hoffecker. 

A monumental and all encompassing body of work that demonstrates the depth of healing that art brings to artist and viewer. 

The immense scale of her work, the boldness of her dramatic gestures, and the use of black tar as an unyielding painting material b rought an intensely physical awareness; terrible secrets revealed themselves through this course of action. 

​The process of art transformed her personal narrative into a poetic mediation that is relevant and empowering to the viewer.
​​Shawn is an Associate Professor in the Visual Arts Department, Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts at Brock University.

Although initially drawn to an academic career in the environmental sciences, he pursued Fine Arts and Art History degrees in Saskatchewan as well as a Master of Fine Arts degree in Alberta. He has taught for the University of Alberta and the University of British Columbia. His research interests include contemporary painting, drawing and printmaking practices concerning relational abstraction, environmental aesthetics, religion, the landscape as well as issues bordering abstraction and representation.

He was born in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan and grew up exploring the northern reaches of his home province’s lakes and river systems. Prince Albert, often called the gateway to the north, is located in the broad valley of the North Saskatchewan River near the geographical center of the province where the agricultural prairie of the south meets the rich forest belt of the north. It is close to the famous Emma Lake artist’s school where many influential artists have lived and worked.

​​Deborah Worsfold is a  London, Ontario-based painter who has previously held solo exhibitions in Seattle, Edmonton, Toronto and Vancouver, where she founded and ran Deborah Worsfold Gallery.

Her recent and unexpected turn towards abstraction in her work, is a sensitive reflection on the paradigm of change that artist and viewer must navigate as our point of reference is transformed by symbolic exchanges and psychic forces that are perceived in her work.

This minimalist manifestation allows one to breathe and intuitively recognize the dynamic and introspective path to redefining ourselves individually by realizing the language of art, and the power of reorganizing our thoughts philosophically, and collectively to intuit our connection to one another and the past.

​​Gary James Joynes (aka Clinker) is an award-winning sound and visual artist that has been active in the international live audio-visual and experimental music performance community for many years. He blends the beauty and physicality of sounds auditory and visual elements in Live Cinema AV performances and in rigorous and emotional photo and video installation works.
Gary  was awarded the 2016 Eldon & Ann Foote Edmonton Visual Arts prize for best solo art show of 2015. His critically acclaimed work Ouroboros, a large-scale  work featured  in City Hall at the inaugural Nuit Blanche Edmonton Festival in September 2015.
Recent and forthcoming Live Cinema performances include MYSTERIES OF THE DEEP (New York), DAT CONFERENCE (Missoula), ELEKTRA16 (Montreal), INDUSTRY BRUNCH (Detroit / Chicago), CMKY (Boulder, USA), New Forms 14 (Vancouver), MUTEK_IMG (Montreal), SoundsLike (Saskatoon), Koffler Centre (Toronto), Electric Fields (Ottawa), Roulette Mixology Festival (New York), Soundasaurus (Calgary), and MUTEK_10 (Montreal).

Clinker’s Live Cinema work On the Other Side... was commissioned by the 2008 International Leonard Cohen Festival and toured internationally. A film score for the National Film Board of Canada’s award winning feature documentary Dirt was composed by Clinker and premiered at the Vancouver DOXA Festival in May 2008. He was selected to open the Montreal MUTEK Festival 8th. Edition with his 2007 Live Cinema performance work Provody.Clinker’s full-length audio work entitled On the Other Side… (for L. Cohen) was released to critical acclaim on the Los Angeles Sound Art Label Dragon’s Eye Recordings in January of 2009. Through the Fall/Winter of 2009, Clinker was an artist in residence at The Banff Centre of the Arts, advancing new ideas in visual sound and music which has now become known as the Frequency Painting Series.
Previous years have seen Clinker’s sound and video work performed and exhibited in Canada and internationally in festivals and events including the Koffler Centre (Toronto), The Banff Centre, Electric Fields (Ottawa), Mountain Computer Music Festival (Montana), Roulette Mixology Festival (New York), Soundasaurus 1 & 2 (Calgary), MUTEK_10 Festival (Montreal), Soundfjord re/flux Sublimated Landscape / Sonic Topology @ ICA London(London, UK), Emmedia Sonic Boom 2009 (Calgary), The Banff Centre – Interactive Screen (2008 & 2007 editions), 2008 Leonard Cohen International Festival, Tanzstartklar Festival 2008 (Graz, Austria), New Forms Festival 2007 & 2003 (Vancouver), Sprawl – Interplay_4 Festival 2007 (Amsterdam, Dublin, London, Bristol), Sea Of Sound Festival 2005 (The Works – Edmonton), MUTEK Le Placard Festival 2005 (Montreal), and Standart 2003(Madrid, Spain).